About | Lenswork of JINGLIU 淨流 ◎ 鏡像影塵 | photo speaks itself


淨 流 PURITY FLOW, is how a GOOD LIFE should be.
That is the reason why 淨 流 using this signature on the works.

淨 流 ‘s photography full of vision, always make you feel something behind, beyond or between the pictures.

A lot of the works has been shown as illustration in  books and novels, so they could be named “Photographic Illustration” or “Photorials”

I fall in love with cameras and lens since my High School. My classmate hand me a Yashica range-finder, then first time shutter press and exposed my first frame of film.

I am charmed, then I practice a lot on scenics and naturals, which like most of beginners doing in the early years of shooting.

Now, I simply shoot what I saw, what they want to tell, what I want to show and what they make me moved, then wish my images could telling stories by itself.

Besides commercial photograph, I enjoy more in capturing moments that is now and here.

If my images are found to be useful for some situation, please contact me for the permission of usage and they could be free if occasions are appropriate.